New Age Serum : Gateway To The Youthful You!

New Age SerumNew Age Serum :- A beautiful and youthful skin is as important to a woman as the sun is to the sky. We can’t say that a woman is truly beautiful until and unless she possesses a healthy looking skin. Isn’t it? A flawless, radiant and an ageless skin is what every woman dreams about. Though, the real beauty of a woman lies in what she’s inside. But, a wrinkly face and a sagging skin will bring down to her persona on a whole. On the other hand, Hollywood‘s seemingly eternal beauties have set unrealistic expectations among women. But, those stars spend fortunes on their skincare regime which is otherwise not possible in everyone’s case. This doesn’t imply that you necessarily need to spend a lot of bucks to shoo your aging woes. You can give your try to anti aging products with natural active ingredients. One of such product is New Age Serum.

What is New Age Serum?

New Age Serum is clinically proven anti-aging product which slows down the aging process of your skin. It is a painless and injection-free way for those women who don’t want to go under the knives for looking younger. Botox injections and laser treatments come with numerous side effects, including headaches, bruising, pain at the site of injection, drooping eyelids, etc. Some of the cases have also been reported where the skin returns back to its natural place after a few months. So, if you want to achieve a younger-looking skin without going through any of these methods, you can give this a try.

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What does New Age Serum claim to do?

New Age Serum claims to:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkle by 42%
  • Boost up the hydration of the skin by 36%
  • Boost up the collagen production by 28%

How does New Age Serum work?

This serum consists of natural peptides which are known to safely and noticeably plump your skin while reducing the wrinkles. This product consists of a multi-peptide compound which helps your skin to produce more collagen. New Age Serum make use of Polymoist-PSW complex which is nothing but a peptide which reduces the appearance of the wrinkles. Scientific research has proven this product to repair the skin at the cellular level.

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What does Polymoist-PSW Complex do to your skin?

Polymois-PSW Complex is a skin tightening peptide which has successfully proved to reduce wrinkles. This compound has created a rustle in the world of anti-aging for its effectiveness and it is also being compared to the effects of Botox. The difference lies in the cost. Much cheaper than Botox treatments, Polymoist-PSW Complex adds the right amount of moisture to the skin and boosts up the collagen production. And, we are not unaware of the vital role of collagen in protecting our skin from the aging effects.

What are the other powerful ingredients of New Age Serum?

You can see the world’s leading antioxidant sources in the list of ingredients of this product. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Chamomile Extract: Like most of the herbs, Chamomile also has antioxidants to help your skin protect itself from free radical damage. Apart from this, it is known to suppress the visible effects of aging.
  • Edelweiss Extract: This extract shields your skin from UV radiations, free radicals, and cellular destruction. It contains Chlorogenic Acid which is a very powerful antioxidant that safeguards the skin from UV-induced damage. Luteoli in Edelweiss Extract is a flavonoid which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce the skin damage to great extents.
  • Glycerin: This is what we call, a humectant. It is basically attracts water and seals it from further escape. It maintains moisture on an intercellular level and soothes dry skin problems.
  • Ceratonia Siliqua: It is the ground seed of a fruit St. John’s Bread. It retains the natural moisture of your skin and combats the problems of the dry and flaky skin.

How to use New Age Serum?

You can use New Age Serum like any of your anti-aging serum. Just wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry. Apply the serum on your face and neck with gentle circular motions. Wait 3-5 minutes for the serum to get absorbed. You can top it with your sunscreen if you’re stepping out after its application.

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How safe is New Age Serum for your skin?

As it is made up of naturally derived ingredients and scientifically tested multi-peptides ingredients, it is completely safe to be used on skin. Daily usage of this product will prevent dryness and peeling of the skin. However, the New Age Serum contains glycerin, its efficiency is doubtful for those having oily skin. Patch test the product behind your ears before trying it out on your face.

Pros about New Age Serum:

  • The company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.
  • It is tested and approved by dermatologists.
  • It also offers risk-free trials to potential buyers.
  • It also comes with a money-back guarantee to the unsatisfied users.

My experience with New Age Serum:

With the first few applications of New Age Serum, I didn’t notice much difference in my skin. But after one week, I noticed my skin started to feel softer and suppler. It also reduced the appearance of crow’s feet around my eyes. It didn’t dry my face like any other product which I’ve used in my past. Now, I’m completely satisfied with the product. And, if you ask me whether I’ll purchase this product again, my answer would be – Why not!

How to get your Risk-free Trial of New Age Serum?

You cannot buy New Age Serum from any retail outlet. It is only available on their official website. You can fill in your details on its official website and order your trial pack. This is the only disadvantage of this product.

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